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Mission Day 2017


On Friday 8th September 2017 w held our annual mission day. This is always the first whole school event of the new school year and one which we always enjoy. On our mission day, all of the children reflect on our school’s mission statement which is:

“Success for all within a Christ centred community”

The classes all enjoy a variety of learning activities which hare creative, informative and focussed on the core values which we aim to give to our children every day at St Monica’s.

This year we have focussed on the idea of “Building bridges not walls, giving hope not hate.” In a world where the media and news streams are constantly referring to conflict and division, we want to show our children the positive ways of working as a class community, as a school community, as a local community, and as a citizen of the world. To this end we had an assembly with a lady called Angie Kotler, who works for a charity called A Partnership In Education (APIE). Their work is centred around a school in Rwanda which they have built called Umubano Primary School. They raise funds to support children’s education in a country which has had a harrowing recent past and is striving to better itself. Unfortunately, many children cannot access education yet there so APIE works to help them..

One harrowing piece of information we were given at the assembly is that there are 57 million children around the world who do not receive an education. At St Monica’s, we want, in our own small way, to reduce that number so we are developing links with APIE as a way of ensuring our mission statement isn’t just a series of words, it guides the work we do in school every day, and we can be a force for good for others less fortunate than ourselves.

The images here on our website show some of the creative work we did on this special day and as the year develops, we look to work to our mission statement values every day, and help make education a real life opportunity for some of the children in Rwanada too.