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We have been observing the seasonal changes as we enter Winter.

We chopped up vegetables and made a delicious soup for our snack.

We have learnt about the Nativity story and why we celebrate Christmas.

We had lots of fun in our party.


We have been learning about how Diwali is celebrated.

We were excited to look for signs of autumn outside. We collected leaves that had fallen off the trees and looked at all the different colours.

We used some of these to create beautiful pictures.

Goldilocks is one of our favourite books. We enjoyed acting out the story and talking about the characters in it. We made porridge for snack and ate it straight away so Goldilocks couldn’t!

Maths day was so much fun!

We have been talking about ourselves and our families.

We made faces in lots of different ways.

We have had lots of fun trying new things and making new friends in Nursery.