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Success for All within a Christ Centred Community

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Success for All within a Christ Centred Community

Year Two

What a wonderful time we had at Chester Zoo!

We were so excited to be included in the South Sefton Commonwealth Games Baton Relay. We proudly represented our school.

It was an amazing experience to observe our caterpillars changing into butterflies. One day, the caterpillars stopped eating, hanged upside down from the top of a jar and spun themselves silky cocoons. Before long the caterpillars transformed their bodies and eventually emerged as beautiful butterflies. Finally, we released them in our playground. Good luck to our butterflies! We will miss them!

Today, was such an exciting day, because the animals from Acorn Farm came to visit us. We learned about the needs of goats, hens, ducks, guinea pigs, rats, rabbits and hens, and how to take care of them.

Today, we have used simple shapes (tangram) to make sculptures of the human form. We also found out that the famous artist, Anthony Gormley, makes sculptures in the human form too. He combines simple shapes in such a way as to make them look like a person. How creative!

Houses during the time of the Great Fire of London were made out of wood and they were very close together in narrow streets which made it easy for the flames to jump from one house to the next. In our History lesson, we conducted an experiment using our Ipads to show how quickly the fire would jump from house to house. When we put the houses apart from each other, the fire did not spread.

We really enjoyed making our fire engines.

What a great World Book Day we had!

We join other children in the UK to take part in the live lesson where we met two children’s authors Nathan Bryon and Frank Cottrell-Boyce, and one illustrator, Dapo Adeola. We enjoyed swapping books and designing bookmarks.

We collected many items in our school for Ukraine. Year Two children hugged all the teddies so they can send their love to the Ukrainian children at this terrible time. We must always remember God’s special message, Love God, Love One Another.’

In our science lesson, we had to investigate which materials would be the best to build a special house for the little rabbit-Toffee. We took into consideration the properties of different materials and what Toffee needs for her house. Finally, Toffee/our expert, came to inspect them thoroughly. She even had a little ride on the car we made. She really enjoyed it!

We enjoyed our Valentine Disco!

In gymnastic, we learn how to control our bodies while moving in different ways. When we are using equipment, it is important to follow instructions to stay safe.

Mrs Chorzepa has a bunny rabbit called Toffee. For two days, Toffee stayed with us in Year Two. During that time, we looked after Toffee making sure that she was safe, happy, fed and given water to drink. When it was time for Toffee to go home, we felt sad. However, we promised Toffee that we would make her a bunny shelter. To do this, in our science lessons, we must investigate the best materials to use. We think Toffee liked our ideas because she twitched her small, pink nose and she did two bunny hops!

What a great day we had! Our classrooms were not the same, because we discovered huge white footprints on the floor and a strange nest with a massive egg. Even Mr Kinsella was shocked when he saw what had happened. He encouraged us to use our scientific skills to investigate the evidence.

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We really enjoyed the Santa Dash!

We used iPads and non-fiction books to research information about owls.

What amazing facts we discovered about these fantastic birds of prey!

Did you know that owls cannot move their eyes from side to side?

Instead, they have to move their whole head.

We were delighted with the visit of the animal expert who shared many interesting facts about animals. Holding the bird of prey, mammals and insects

was an unforgettable experience.

We had a special visitor. Florence Nightingale came to Year 2

all the way from Scutari and we asked her lots of questions.

Taking part in a one-minute silence on Remembrance Day was very important. We joined in a special prayer led by Father Ged to remember all those people who have lost their lives in wars.

It is Bonfire Night on Friday 5th of November. Mr Mooney is a firefighter. He came to our school and told us all the important tips on how to say safe.

In our Music lesson we were inspired by Kandinsky’s artwork to create musical sound pictures using Chrome Music Lab app. Kandinsky was an abstract artist, which means that his artwork shows ideas rather than pictures. He used lots of bright colours in his artwork and said that when he saw colour he heard music.


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Mission Day

On Mission Day, we explored the meaning of the words ‘For All’. We talked about neighbours and we found out that our neighbours are not just those in Bootle,

but they all over the world.

We sang songs, created a neighbour display, wrote and shared our prayers and praised God for creating the sky for all of us.

Have you ever received a letter from a troll? We did! In Year Two we have been reading the book ‘Troll Swap’ by Leigh Hodgkinson. We have completed lots of activities and have learnt about noun phrases.

In our Maths lessons, we have been using different resources to help us recognise the place value of each digit in a two-digit number.

It was great fun making secondary colours using counters and paints. We looked closely at a colour wheel, observed how it worked, and using paints, coloured pencils and crayons, made secondary colours.

Recognising human and physical features during the fieldwork in our school area, was very interesting.

We used ‘Story Teller’ picture cards to help us create sentences.