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Year Two

Learning about plants is very interesting!

It is exciting to use P.E. equipment in gymnastics.

In Geography, we learned about the world around us. We now know where the Equator, the North and South Poles are. We can also recognise different continents. How clever we are!

On World Book Day, we had a special assembly, swapped books with each other and listened to Mr Barlow read a story. We also enjoyed making bookmarks and reading our new books. School ambassadors came to share poetry with us and we recited our poems.

London’s burning, London’s burning,

 fetch the buckets, fetch the fire hooks!

 Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Pour on water...!

Mrs Hadwin taught us this great song.

During the time of The Great Fire of London in 1666, the city was very different. Houses were made of wood and they were very close together. We conducted an experiment to show how quickly the fire would have spread from house to house.

Year Two had a fantastic Valentine Disco!

We learned about materials and their properties.  

We experimented with primary and secondary colours in order to create pictures in the style of Mondrian.
We know the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.

What a great Christmas party we had!

Christmas, Christmas soon will come, preparations must be done!

In Year Two we explored the meaning of the words ‘for all’. We engaged in role play, designed posters, wrote prayers and created poems in pairs.

What a special day it was!