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Success for All within a Christ Centred Community

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Success for All within a Christ Centred Community

Year One



This week in maths, year 1 have started their multiplication and division topic. We have been making equal groups and counting in our 2s, 5s and 10s. Please keep practicing at home

It’s Spring!

Year 1 went on a spring walk to look for signs of spring. We found bumble bees, blossom, daffodils and noticed the leaves were growing on the deciduous tree on our playground. It starts to get warmer and sunnier in spring (we hope) although it can still be chilly and rainy. 

Year 1 - Library

Reading Time - Year 1

Spring Disco


Year 1had a fantastic time at the spring disco. We saw some brilliant dancing skills and even had a visit from jay from coco melon! 

British science week


As a whole school, we explored weather having the biggest hand span meant being able to collect the most cubes and weather the bigger children had a bigger handspan.

World Book Day in Year 1 


We had a brilliant day celebrating world book day. 

We love Maths 


During our maths lesson today, year one used the I-pads to access White Roses 'One Minute Maths' and Hit the Button. They are helping us to learn our addition and subtraction facts so that we can recall them quickly and accurately. 

We love Reading


Year 1 love their library time. We listen to our teacher read a story then we have time to read our own and choose one we enjoyed, to share at home. We love reading and our library is such a special place. Sharing stories with friends is such a lovely time.



Today in our PSHE lessons we talked all about team work. We know we need to cooperate, listen and support eachother when we work as a team. We used mirroring to discuss the qualities of a good team player. 



We started our Geography topic by locating the North Pole, South Pole and Equator. We know that near the North and South pole it is cold, icy and snowy and near the Equator it is very hot. 



Today we looked at the work of our inspirational Artist Kimmy Cantrell. We discussed if we liked or disliked his work, why, what colours and patterns we could see and we listened carefully to other peoples opinions. 

Design Technology


Year 1 have made their very own Christmas decoration  in their design technology lessons. We have practised  cutting skills, designing skills and sewing skills. We hope you love them and they make you smile this Christmas. 



Wow, what a show! KS1 did 2 amazing performances today for our parents. Well done to all the children, we are very proud of you! Thank you to all the adults who came to watch, we hope you enjoyed it. We are all now feeling very festive.

Father Christmas


Wow, Year 1 had the most magical video call from Father Christmas. We thought of questions prior to the session and sent them to him electronically. During the session he answered some of our questions and we made some amazing pictures for him. He was very impressed!

Chaplins Panto 


What a lovely Christmas experience! Chaplins panto came in and we watched their version of Cinderella, we laughed, shouted and clapped. All children had a great time. We are even more excited for Christmas now!

Santa Dash


Year 1 had the best time participating in our Santa Dash. We ran and danced untill we were exhausted.

Seasonal Change


Year 1 was very excited to see the frost this morning. As part of our science lesson, we went outside and looked for signs of winter, there were plenty of them today. We hope there will be some snow soon. We linked this to our Geography topic weather which we did last half term. 



Year 1 have been learning the properties of different materials. This weeks material was metal. We know it is opaque, hard, strong, smooth and shiny.

Children in Need 


We raised lots of money for children in need. We wore bright coloured clothing and completed the burpee chalenge. 


Anti-bullying Week


We celebrated anti-bullying week in year 1. We discussed what bullying is, how it makes you feel and what to do about it. We wore odd socks, had a special assembly, created posters discussed friendly and unfriendly behaviour in our PSHE lessons. 

Christmas came early in Year 1 


Today as part of our DT topic, 'Delightful Decorations' we practiced our cutting skills to make Christmas pictures. We were very proud of our final pictures, please keep practicing at home. Look at our concentration. 



We were investigating autumn this week. We now know that during autumn, it gets colder, the leaves change colour and fall off the trees. We had great fun kicking and throwing leaves, our teachers even got involved. 

Looking at leaves 


Today we looked closely at different leaves. We know that gardeners and horticulturalists identify plants by their leaves. We discussed similarities and differences in how leaves look, including size, shape and pattern.

Weather Reports


We started our lesson by watching a weather forecast. We discussed the different symbols and why a weather forecast was useful. Then we became weather people. We also used bee bots to navigate to different weather symbols.

Careers Day Visitors 


A big thank you to Teddy's Dad and Anna's Mum for talking to us about two very different jobs (an ex-army cadet and a solicitor) . The children were very eagar to find out more, it definitely made them think about their future careers

Careers Day 


What a great start to careers day! Mr Gouldbourne lead an assembly talking about all different professions. We even had a personalised message from an astronaut who knows one of our students. It was very inspiring! 

Paper Art


In art, year 1 have been learning about all different types of paper. Today we created arctic collages and over lapped different colour blue paper to create a brillant piece of art work. We even made a penguin sillhouette.

God takes Care of Everything


We thought of all the things that God takes care of. We went on a walk around our school and outdoor area and found things God takes care of. 

Mission Day 2023


Year 1 had a lovely Mission Day. We discussed the word 'Dignity' and completed many different acitivities related to this. Our mission statement is 'Success for all within a Christ centred community' and we thought how the word dignity relates to this.

Military School


We had great fun with Andy from the UK Military School. We worked in teams to build towers and go-karts. Once we built our go-karts we got to test them with our partners. We had so much fun!

Chester Zoo


Year one had a fabulous day at Chester Zoo. We saw lots of animals and had great fun.

Sports Day


We had a brilliant afternoon! Thank you to all the parents who came and joined in. 

First Aid Training

A big thank you to Andy from the U.K. Military School. Over the last two weeks, we have learned some vital first aid skills such as putting a bandage on and putting someone in the recovery position.

Road Safety


We went for a walk with Mrs Breen and Mrs Ellis around our local area to ensure we remember the road safety rules; stop, look, and listen.  

Planting Sunflowers


We had great fun planting sunflower seeds. First, we filled our plant pot with soil. Next, we pushed the seed or bean into the soil. Finally, we covered the seed or beans with some more soil and watered it. We can’t wait to see them grow.

Signs of Summer


As part of our Seasons topic in science, we went into the eco garden and noted down any signs of summer we could see. We discussed how the weather, trees and plants have changed throughout the year and how to stay safe in hot weather.


Princess Avenue


We stated our new book today, ‘Goldilocks and Just One Bear’.  We read the first page and discussed what noises the bear might hear in the city and compared this to noises he would hear in the woods.

Maths Outside the Classroom


Year One spent their maths lesson outside. We made arrays of different numbers using our bodies. 

Year 1's Coronation Celebration 


We have had a wonderful day full of celebrations. We started with 1M's brilliant assembly all about King Charles and the upcoming coronation. There was a King and Queen parade, a special picnic lunch and a fabulous party. 

Henri Rousseau 


As part of our Henri Rousseau topic we completed observational drawing of leaves around our school. 

Earth Day


This week we have been talking about the importance of our planet. As part of this, we discussed reduce, reuse, recycle. We made an elephant and turtle from recycled materials and presented it in our school assembly. 

Road Safety


A big thank you to John Toker who came into school to talk to us all about road safety. We talked about all the possible dangers and how to stay safe when on the road. We know we must stop, look, listen and think. 

Happy Easter! 


Year 1 had a great time today at the Easter Disco. Didn't we all look brilliant?

Planting trees in Derby Park


We had a fantastic afternoon in Derby park planting trees. We can't wait to go back and see how they grow. A huge thank you to all the Derby Park rangers and well done year 1! 

Digital Art


We created pictures in the style of Piet Mondian using the line and shape tools on the computer. How brilliant are our pictures?

Flying Kites 


As part of our 'Flying Kites' topic, year 1 tested a variety of materials to investigate which one would make the most successful kite. We decided that it needed to be strong, waterproof and light. 

World Book Day


Year 1 really enjoyed world book day. We loved sharing our story spoons, swapping books with a friend, listening to an audio book and sharing a story with another teacher. It was great fun!

Share a Fairytale 


This morning, we had a lovely time in the library sharing a fairytale. 

Child Mental Health Week


As part of child metal health week. We told Jesse Cat, things which make us happy, ways to keep calm and relaxed and something about ourselves that makes us proud. 

Maths Day 


Year 1 has had a brilliant day. At the beginning of the day, we had two wonderful visitors explaining how they used maths in their jobs. We then used the scales to weigh out the ingredients for making rice crispie cakes. This afternoon, we measured the size of our body using our feet and hands and we even had time to play some maths games. 

Dreams and Goals


Today, we discussed that when we learn new things, we have to stretch our thinking or our skills. This usually means trying over again and again. We had a new challenge of making our own stretchy flower that stretched our learning.

Seasonal Change 


Today we went into our eco-garden and looked at the changes that take place during winter. We know the weather changes and deciduous trees lose their leaves.

Party Day


What a fantastic end to the term. We danced our socks off, played party games and had some lovely party food. We even had a visit from Father Christmas himself! 

Christmas Dinner 


We all really enjoyed our Christmas Dinner. Thank you to everyone who works in the kitchen for making it such a special lunch! We even sang a few Christmas songs which Mrs Foster played on the piano. 

Santa Dash


We had a great time this morning during our Santa Dash. We ran a few laps of the playground and danced to some Christmas music. It was made extra special by seeing a rainbow. 

Chaplins Panto


We had a wonderful time this morning watching Aladdin.

We all feel very festive now. 

Kingsley and Co


Year 1 had a wonderful start to the festive season. We went to Kingsley and Co in Bootle New Strand and had a magical afternoon. We read stories, coloured in pictures of the Grinch, explored the 'Discovery room' and even had a special visit from The Grinch and Cindy loo 2. 



Father Ged came to visit us. We role-played being at a baptism. We know that we need a baptism candle, god parents, a white shawl and holy water. Father Ged helped us to understand the significance and meaning of each object. 

Online Safety


We had a visit from the two police officers to talk to us about how to keep safe online. We know how important it is to not reveal any personal information to anyone.

Fire Safety


Merseyside Fire Service have taught us many tips for staying safe on Bonfire night.

Thank you very much!

Material Hunt


We went on a ‘materials hunt’ around our school. We found a range of objects made from different materials, such as wood, metal, fabric and plastic. 

Prayer and Liturgy


Year 1 love participating in prayer and liturgy. In this time read scriptures, talk about  how to be like Jesus and we pray. This half term we have discussed, the different types of families we belong to, given thanks for the world around us  and we have discussed what the words ‘respect’ and ‘peace’ mean.



In PE we have been using Yoga to improve our stability, core strength,

flexibility and it is also a brilliant way to stay calm.

We have been exploring different types of paper, thick, thin, crinkly bumpy, shiny and soft. We then created our own collages. Aren’t they brilliant?

In geography we have been discussing weather and seasons.  

We have started our new topic all about plants.

We explored the different parts of plants and the plants around our school.

We met Jigsaw Jack and Jesse Cat as part of our PSHE lesson.