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Year Six

This week, Year 6 were fortunate to participate in a PSHE workshop, commissioned by Sefton Safer Communities. An enjoyable and educational workshop left the children with an understanding of the 5 steps to staying street safe and methods and techniques to make effective street safe decisions when out in the community.

On Monday 27th January, Year 6 were fortunate enough to be invited to Crosby Plaza cinema to watch The Island on Bird Street – a film commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day.

Year 6 have had a lot of fun in Science, as part of their light topic, investigating how we can see objects in different locations. The pupils investigated this using mirrors and periscopes.

Year 6 had a wonderful day celebrating their World War II history topic and all that they have learned – from writing postcards home to baking war time cookies, from designing Dig for Victory posters to looking at historical artefacts…a fun time learning was had by all!

The Year 6 children hosted a wonderful Start of Year Mass for all our lovely new reception children. We are so pleased to have the new reception joining our school and we hope that they love their time here

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Gilmoss Recycling Centre - who knew so many items could be recycled! An enjoyable and educational visit.