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Success for All within a Christ Centred Community

Year Four

Geography Mapwork


Using our knowledge of how to draw maps, having looked at Ordnance Survey maps and  digital maps: we then tried to draw our own maps of the local area.

We had to think about using map symbols, scale and orientation. 

When we came  back to the classroom, we drew our maps using a key to identify the features we'd  drawn on our maps.

Global Links

For World Environment Day on the 5th June, Year 4 learned about the coral reef and the dangers affecting it in our world. We read a lovely story about the journey of plastic and gained some knowledge of the coral problem across our world. We made our own coral posters and each contributed to our coral reef display by using recycled bottle tops!  

Art & Design

As part of our Art topic studying famous buildings, Year 4 visited Derby Park and sketched the Bandstand using a pen medium. We took inspiration from our artist 'Chetan Kumar' to complete our observational drawing. At first, we thought it was going to be difficult using a pen and not being able to rub it out. Through experimenting, we were able to focus on the finer detail to produce excellent pieces! 


On Friday 12th May, Year 4 had a workshop from Past Productions on the Ancient Maya. As an introduction to the topic, the children gained an insight into their culture and the type of people they were. The children used artefacts to explore what life was like during Mayan times and even learned how to count from 1-10 using their number system. Throughout the day, the children were taking part in some drama performances to reenact events during the Mayan civilization. 

We can't wait to learn more as we study our new topic!

Global Links

As our own city hosted the Eurovision, Year 4 remembered Ukraine as we listened to their national anthem. We made a paper chain of welcome messages using Ukraine and Liverpool colours to show how we are connected globally!

Maths Day

Dave Hartley, the Production Manager at a local manufacturer, joined Year 4 for the afternoon to explain how maths features in his job. Maths features a lot!  In fact, he told us that his job is maths. From measuring the length and volume of materials, measuring the time to produce an item, geometry to figure out suitable shapes and precise angles, arithmetic to figure out production cost to percentages to add a profit! He even showed us a special altar he had made.  We were impressed and it helped us realise just how important maths is. Thank you Mr Hartley!

History trip to Chester

As part of our History topic studying the Roman Invasion and Settlement in Britain, Year 4 visited The Dewa Roman Experience in Chester.  Here we were able to see examples of Roman architecture, artefacts, discover what life was like in Roman Britain and even experienced life as a Roman Centurion! It was so much fun and we are looking forward to learning more about Roman Britain. 


As part of our PSHE topic on 'Celebrating Difference' we have been learning about how we accept each other for who they are. We have also looked at different scenarios considering thoughts and feelings of different people. We read Maya's story and were able to apply what we have learnt in Computing about 'How to stay safe online' to this scenario. We understand how this story was an example of bullying even when Maya did not think it was. 


This week, Year 4 have been looking at Poetry from Roger McGough.

We have been reciting his poem: The Lost Lost Property Office. We have enjoyed reciting his poem together and identifying rhyming couplets which he uses. Together, we explored Michael Rosen's 'Words are Ours' and identified similarities and differences across both poems. We finished off the week by writing our very own rhyming couplet for our class poem. 

Geography trip to River Alt

On Wednesday 19th October 22, Year 4 had the opportunity to complete some geography fieldwork. They visited the River Alt in Hightown, Merseyside. They went to two sites; firstly, the  lower course of the river at Lower Alt Road, Hightown  and the second site was at the Blundellsands Sailing Club where the  river flows into the River Mersey.This study enabled pupils to visualize the lower course of a river for themselves. They were able to identify both the human and physical characteristics of this part of the river. The children, working with a partner, were able to use fieldwork techniques to complete a worksheet. They were well behaved, polite and had both an enjoyable and informative experience.


We have explored solids, liquids and gases this week.  It was fun observing what happened when we added raisins to a beaker of fizzy lemonade.  Though we had thought the raisins would sink they didn’t. The bubbles forced the raisins up to the surface!  They soon sank though after the bubbles around it popped and the gas inside them escaped. The raisins continued to rise and sink until the lemonade went flat.