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Success for All within a Christ Centred Community

Year Four

St. Monica's loves poetry. This week, Year 4 enjoyed reading Look! by Grace Nichols. Grace was born in Guyana, a country on South America’s North Atlantic coast.  We think that the poet was remembering the rainforest of her childhood when she wrote this poem. After sketching and tasting some tropical fruits we then listened to some rainforest sounds and wrote our own poems entitled, Listen! We learnt that exciting adjectives and similes help the reader to paint a picture in their minds and alliteration is fun and engaging.

What a busy week!  During science lessons, we investigated the journey our food goes on and learnt lots about the digestive system.  Next, we gathered information about the Maya Civilisation from information stations around the room

to help us understand more about their religious beliefs.

 Then, in maths, we used part whole models to help solve division problems. 

As part of our current Design and Technology topic, Seasonal Food, Year 4 had fun baking (and eating!) fairy cakes.  We discovered that the ingredients we used are actually available all year round in the UK.  While our cakes baked, we considered the benefits and problems associated with importing foods that are not in season in the UK.  Can you think of any?

4M spent a fun packed day visiting the Dewa Roman Experience in Chester.

They learnt first hand about the Romans in Britain including some interesting information about Roman Baths and Roman food as well as some gory facts about entertainment at the ampitheatre! During the afternoon the children got the chance to march through Chester as Roman soldiers and

practiced some Roman army attack and defence strategies.

This week we have been investigating which materials best muffle sound. We predicted that fur will best muffle sound as it is thick, this makes it harder for the vibrations to travel through the material.

Have you ever wondered how the moving parts in your favourite story books are made?  We have been busy this week investigating and trying out the different techniques involved in bringing some of our favourite stories to life.  Look at our springy snakes. We made these using a linkage system.  We had a lot of fun making them and it has inspired us to keep creating!

We had fun discovering that sounds are made when objects vibrate.  We described what we could see, hear and feel.  It was quite easy to see the guitar strings vibrate when we plucked them and although we couldn't see the tuning fork vibrate, we could see the water splash as soon as the tuning fork touched it! 

This week, Year 4 welcomed Janet from United Utilities.  She delivered a Water Awareness Workshop which helped us to learn more about how we use water in the UK compared to other parts of the world. We were able to name and explain the stages of the natural water cycle together with those in the water treatment process. Janet also made us aware of how easy it is to waste water.  Did you know leaving the tap running when you brush your teeth could waste up to 24 litres of water?  We were shocked.  We will all be turning the tap off in future!

We have some talented up and coming musicians in Year 4! 

They are enjoying learning new tunes on their recorders.  

The children enjoyed this role play activity.  Their suggested thoughts for each character showed their understanding of the mood and tone of the scene.



This term, Year 4 have learnt lots about the three different states of matter.   We have grouped materials into solids, liquids and gases; observed and researched the temperatures some materials change state and used thermometers to measure temperature in degrees Celsius and lots more!


We especially enjoyed investigating the properties of gases and proving that just because we can’t see air, it does have mass.  We had to work very hard as a team to push and pull the parachute up and down.


We are super star scientists!

This term, Year 4 are enjoying reading and writing about Anthony Browne’s, Gorilla.

Today, they have been busy gathering gorilla facts from information stations around the classroom before creating their own gorilla fact files tomorrow. 


Great work Year 4!