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Success for All within a Christ Centred Community

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Success for All within a Christ Centred Community

Rule of Law

Being Safe Online - Internet Safety Day

As a school, we celebrated 'Safer Internet Day' together by gathering for an online assembly with Mr Gouldbourne. In our classes, we had some quality rich discussion about how we should behave when online. There are some rules we should follow when online, just like day to day rules. One important takeaway from our lessons was the importance of telling a trusted adult. 

Visit by Merseyside Police

In November, our school welcomed PC Jackson who took the time to share their knowledge about the Rule of Law. They were not here to scare us but to help us understand why rules are important and how they keep our community safe.


  1. Keeping Us Safe: PC Jackson explained that his main job is to keep us safe. They do this by making sure everyone follows the rules. We learned that rules are like a big set of instructions that help us live and work together without any problems.

  2. Fairness for All: PC Jackson explained that the Rule of Law is all about treating everyone fairly. The police officers told us that no one is above the law, not even them! Everyone must follow the same rules, whether you are a child, a teacher, a parent, or a police officer.

  3. Consequences of Breaking Rules: Our pupils learnt that breaking rules can have consequences, and the PC Jackson helped us understand what might happen if someone breaks the law. They talked about how there are different rules for different situations, and they explained that punishments are meant to help people learn from their mistakes.

  4. Being Responsible Citizens: PC Jackson finished by encouraging us to be responsible citizens by understanding and respecting the importance of rules. He shared examples of how we can contribute to a happy and safe community by following simple rules like being kind, helping others, and listening to our teachers.

Fire Safety

In October, Merseyside Fire Crew visited us and spoke to us all about how to keep safe around bonfires and fireworks. As this was coming up to Bonfire Night, we learnt how to stay safe. All of the children at St Monica's know how to stay safe and were able to gain many takeaways from this assembly! 

Rule of Law in PSHE

Following the rules - A safe learning environment

Our "No to Bullying" rules at St Monica's ensure our happy and harmonious classrooms. Following these rules in school enables us to get the best learning as well as treating others how we would like to be treated. Everyone has the right to be safe and happy.